M. Isabel Garcés Gómez


Degree in Chemistry at Universidad Complutense (Madrid), Master in Nuclear Energy at Universidad Autónoma (Madrid)-CIEMAT, and Ph.D. in Business Administration, UAM Award for Outstanding Ph.D. thesis.

Working in CIEMAT since 1991, her research interests have been focused on the impact of human factors in the safety of sociotechnical complex systems, in particular related to the influence of cultural configurations on nuclear power plants safety. She has participated in two research projects funded by the 4th and 5th Euratom Framework Programmes, ORFA: Organizational Factors, and LEarnSAfe: Learning organizations for nuclear safety; and in several National research projects sponsored by the Spanish Nuclear Regulatory Body (CSN) and the Spanish utilities (UNESA) to study the effects of organizational and management dimensions on the Spanish NPPs safety. She has coordinated the collaboration projects established with IRSN and TU Berlin to transfer their human performance evaluation methods to the Spanish nuclear field.

Since 2014, she is involved in the research performed in collaboration with the Man-Technology-Organization area of the OECD Halden Project regarding the design of human performance evaluation approaches for hybrid control rooms, as well as the development of frameworks for understanding operator decision making under extreme conditions with limited and inaccurate information.