Sergi López Asensio

Sergi López Asensio

Sergi López has a PhD in Sociology (2023), a Master's Degree in Participation and Local Policies (2013), and a Bachelor's Degree in Sociology (2012) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has research experience participating in different projects with the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

In July 2016, he joined the Socio-Technical Research Centre of CIEMAT. From that moment, its main lines of research include the study of: i) the social perception of environmental and technological risk, ii) social reactions to technologies, infrastructures and energy applications, and iii) sustainable behaviour.

He has participated in several national and international research projects and has published in international JCR journals such as "Environmental Monitoring and Assessment" and "Progress in Nuclear Energy".

His PhD thesis is titled "Social and Psychosocial Factors Involved in the Public Acceptance of Urban Air Pollution Reduction Measures: The Case of Barcelona's Superblocks (Superilles)" and focuses on the study of public acceptance of measures to reduce urban air pollution and investigates public acceptance and attitudes towards a specific urban intervention to reduce air pollution: The Barcelona’s Superilles (Superblocks)ópezAsensio

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